How to choose the right composting toilet for an RV

how to choose the right composting toilet

Last updated on November 5 2023This guide breaks down the factors to consider when selecting a composting toilet. We cover the different types and their features as well as installation considerations and how to match the right toilet with specific needs, whether it’s for a caravan or RV, a tiny home or if you are […]

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Car potty – portable travel potty for adults

Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum

Last updated on May 23 2022The car potty. Yes, it’s a thing, and we’ve decided that it can play a very important role for camping and road trips. Whilst the majority of our website is concerned with portable camping toilets, we understand that sometimes, longer trips to your final destination mean toilet stops are necessary […]

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RV skiing

6 berth RV

Last updated on March 23 2021A guest article by Jane Frith of AbFab Travels My mother-in-law, now in her 80s, often looks back fondly to when she and her partner went RV skiing all across Europe in the 1990s. The RV of choice at the time was a second hand, fairly basic VW campervan. She […]

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Cheap road trip – 9 tips to keep you on budget

Road trip cheap USA Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Last updated on June 29 2021Unless you are travelling at the luxury end of the scale, knowing how to road trip cheap can save you heaps of money, and allow you to splurge on some special things along the way. Knowing how to save money on a road trip isn’t always obvious, so we’ve put […]

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Portable toilet chemicals

thetford toilets portable toilet chemicals

Last updated on December 17 2021In short, the best portable toilet chemicals to use are the ones that actually work, are sensitive to the environment where possible and won’t affect your warranty. Having good hygiene is essential for your own health and the health of others. In COVID-19 times, the requirement for higher levels of […]

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Crostata recipe: Camping dessert recipe

Canva - Roasting Marshmallows on a Campfire (1)

Last updated on July 12 2020Just because you are camping, or staying outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food. That includes camping desserts. Use the campfire to create this beautiful fruit crostata that is one of the easiest camping recipes you’ll find. Use fresh, in-season fruit. It doesn’t really matter what kind of fruit […]

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14 tips for first-time campers

tips for first time campers

Last updated on July 12 2020Knowing what to bring camping is a question that most first-time campers will ask. It’s a really important question to ask too. Failure to give this adequate thought could mean the difference between having a great first time camping experience and a bad one. If you talk to anyone who […]

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Top 17 RV Rookie mistakes to avoid

Last updated on June 29 2021Buying or hiring the wrong RV for your trip There is so much that can be unplanned when going on an RV trip, but the selection of your RV is not one of them.  Buying an RV is a significant financial decision so unless you have money to burn, you […]

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6 steps to portable toilet winter maintenance

thetford porta potty

Last updated on August 2 2020Why you should do portable toilet winter maintenance Portable toilet winter maintenance is really important.  Why? Because you’ve invested in the portable toilet and you plan to use it as a convenience when you need it.  But, if you don’t maintain it, the parts inside, especially the rubbers can be […]

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Instant Pots: Why having an Instant Pot in an RV is a must

vietnamese chicken with chilli and lemongrass

Last updated on June 15 2020Instant Pots in an RV Instant pot cooking in an RV is such a time saver.  We love cooking but sometimes it’s just great to be able to put a great meal on to cook and walk away and leave it.  Instant pots allow us to create a beautiful meal […]

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Park Model RVs: The Ultimate in High-End Camping

RV in field

Last updated on March 2 2020Park Model RVs – The Ultimate in High-End Camping By Matt Wald Camping means different things to different people. Mention camping and most people immediately think of tents.  Others think about RV camping.  But the ultimate in high-end camping are Park Model RVs. What is a Park Model RV? Park […]

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Youcamp: cheap places to camp overnight in Australia

lizard camping

Last updated on June 29 2021Cheap camping in Australia We had spent a lot of time in motorhomes in France and in the greater parts of western and eastern Europe.  It is one of the best ways to travel in these countries, and extends our love of the outdoors and camping outside of our own […]

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