Crostata recipe: Camping dessert recipe

Canva - Roasting Marshmallows on a Campfire (1)

Last updated on July 12 2020Just because you are camping, or staying outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food. That includes camping desserts. Use the campfire to create this beautiful fruit crostata that is one of the easiest camping recipes you’ll find. Use fresh, in-season fruit. It doesn’t really matter what kind of fruit […]

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Roast lamb

ingredients for roast lamb

Last updated on June 29 2021Dutch oven roast lamb When we go camping, we absolutely love cooking a roast in our dutch oven.  We have a few Dutch ovens, a larger one for when we are cooking for a crowd and a smaller one when it’s just us.  When we are on a quick weekend […]

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Australian camping recipes – how to make damper

damper - australian camping recipes

Last updated on July 12 2020Australian camping recipes – how to make damper In Australia, there’s a great camping tradition that involves cooking damper on a campfire.  Camping in Australia is very casual, so this damper suits the mood perfectly.  It can be made in a camp oven, over the hot coals by wrapping it […]

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