Tips for first-time campers

tips for first time campers

Knowing what to bring camping is a question that most first-time campers will ask. It’s a really important question to ask too. Failure to give this adequate thought could mean the difference between having a great first time camping experience and a bad one. If you talk to anyone who won’t ever camp again, it’s […]

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Top 17 RV Rookie mistakes to avoid

motorhome parked rv mistakes

Buying or hiring the wrong RV for your trip There is so much that can be unplanned when going on an RV trip, but the selection of your RV is not one of them.  Buying an RV is a significant financial decision so unless you have money to burn, you will want to make a […]

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6 steps to portable toilet winter maintenance

thetford porta potty

Why you should do portable toilet winter maintenance Portable toilet winter maintenance is really important.  Why? Because you’ve invested in the portable toilet and you plan to use it as a convenience when you need it.  But, if you don’t maintain it, the parts inside, especially the rubbers can be susceptible to damage.  This is […]

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Youcamp: cheap places to camp overnight in Australia


Cheap camping in Australia We had spent a lot of time in motorhomes in France and in the greater parts of western and eastern Europe.  It is one of the best ways to travel in these countries, and extends our love of the outdoors and camping outside of our own backyard.  However, we really don’t […]

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Portable toilet waste disposal – how to empty a chemical toilet correctly

dumping station for portable toilets - portable toilet waste disposal

Emptying portable camping toilets or the cassettes from your permanent RV toilets is usually a job that one person in the family gets.  If you’re like me, I am happy to leave that job to Chad.  It’s not that it’s a typical boys job.  It’s more that I have a really weak stomach and the […]

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Why you should have a dutch oven in your camping kit

Camping doesn’t mean eating poorly.  Even though we are technically roughing it when we leave our home and head outdoors, we are firm believers that we don’t have to rough it when it comes to food.  If you have a dutch oven, cooking becomes a very simple and amazing food and camping experience.  A little […]

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What to look for when buying a portable toilet

outdoors toilet

With so many portable camping toilets on the market, it’s easy to get confused with all the options.  Whilst many of them offer similar functions or features, there are always some slight differences that you need to consider.  Ultimately, the buying decision has to be about your purpose for buying the portable toilet and your […]

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How to use and care for a chemical toilet

camping in the woods - portable chemical toilets

There are many reasons why you should consider buying a portable toilet if you are planning on doing long road trips or spending a lot of time outdoors.  Camping and road-tripping in RVs and campervans are some of the leading pastimes in the world.  Having a toilet makes life on the road so much easier. […]

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The top 11 reasons why you should buy a portable camping toilet

12 top reasons why you should buy a portable camping toilet

The top 11 reasons why you should buy a portable camping toilet Buying a portable camping toilet is a must if you are into camping or road trips. Today’s portable toilets are so modern, easy to use and affordable that it makes sense to have one with you. 1. Convenience – Traveling on road trips […]

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