Camco 41541 5.3 gallon Portable Toilet

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  • Whilst highly portable, it still feels like a normal sized toilet.
  • Smaller size allows it to fit into smaller vehicles and takes up less storage space.
  • Easy to clean and easy to use.
  • Easy to empty and refill.
  • Affordably priced.


  • The fresh water tank is of average size so will require more re-filling.  With no visible tank level indicators, a manual check will be necessary to ensure enough water is in the tank to adequately flush.
  • Bellows type flushing means less pressure to flush the bowl.  It may require several actions to get it clean.
  • A non-rotating waste tank spout means the waste is closer to you when emptying the unit.
  • Short depth of bowl.


Whilst not the most attractive portable camping toilet we've seen on the market, it's certainly robust and sturdy enough to make using the toilet when on the road or outdoors a more comfortable experience.  Being able to fit the unit into a car broadens its usability and not limiting it only to RV use.  It's priced well, and if you don't want the fancy options of battery flushing, then this unit is a great option.

Last updated on March 4 2020

Camco 41541 5.3 gallon Portable Toilet Review

This Camco portable toilet continues to be an oldie but a goldie.  Whilst it may not be the prettiest toilet around, it is solid, functional and does the job you need it to do.  A newer Camco toilet is currently on the market but it’s more about the aesthetics and not so much the function.  The Camco 41544, seen here,  is a modern looking toilet with a rounded style, more resembling what we would use at home. 

However, there are several functions that don’t work so well because of these design features.  The best camping toilets are square and squat in shape for a reason.  It’s so they can sit on top of each other, whilst still being comfortable for the user, and can be placed on their side when apart.  Because the Camco 41544 is rounded, the two tanks cannot be placed anywhere but on their base when they are apart.  this exposes all the parts to possible damage.

Our recommendation if you are looking at buying a Camco portable toilet is to consider the one we review here, the Camco 41541.  You can see it here.

Top 5 features

  • Easy to carry at only 11 pounds and has a strong carry handle. Due to its portability, it may be used in many places outdoors, including campers, RVs, trucks and boats.  It can even be used for large outdoor events like family picnics and parties.
  • The toilet is portable enough to even be carried in a car, so great for long road trips, especially if you have kids.
  • It’s very easy to use and easy to clean.  Two of the most important features when considering which is the best camping toilet for your needs.
  • The camping toilet uses a bellows flush system located on the rear left-hand side.
  • It’s all fully self-contained reducing the opportunity for it to leak or splash.

Other helpful features

  • The waste tank has a large capacity of 5.3 gallons and the freshwater tank is a good size at 2.5 gallons.  The Thetford Curve 565 is still the premium portable toilet when you are comparing the size of these tanks.
  • It is a strong unit, able to support up to  330 pounds.
  • The Camco portable toilet is operated via a manual flushing, bellows system.
  • Odors and splashback are able to be contained due to a slider that sits across the opening between the toilet bowl and the waste tank.
  • The toilet is separated into two halves, with the waste tank on the bottom.
  • The two parts are locked together firmly with side latches, making it stable when being used.
  • This portable toilet also comes with some sample deodorant tablets to keep the bowl fresh and clean.
  • Having a portable camping toilet with you means you are fully self-contained.

For those who love the detail

Dimensions as per manufacturer’s specifications:  16.38″ height  x 13.75″ width  x 16.13″ length/depth.

Tank capacity: Waste tank 5.3 gallons and freshwater tank 2.5 gallons.

  • The Camco 41541 Portable Toilet is a good quality, good value for money portable camping toilet.  Whilst not the prettiest on the market, it serves its purpose in being easy to use, reasonably good to look at, portable toilet.
  • Whilst this toilet has been superseded with a more modern version, this Camco version still punches above its weight as a solid, easy to use toilet.
  • At  16.38″ high by  13.75″ wide, it’s large enough to feel as though you are sitting on a “normal” toilet but still small and light enough to be portable.
  • The 2.5-gallon freshwater tank is located on the upper section of the toilet.  A screw cap can be removed to fill up the tank with freshwater.
  • The toilet has a plastic lid and seat.
  • The unit has a sliding valve that allows for the waste tank to be sealed off from the main bowl, reducing the opportunity for splashing and odors. The lever to engage this valve is located on the front of the toilet and uses a pull-out mechanism.
  • This is an easy to clean toilet, with a smooth design making it easy to get into all the toilet parts.  Cleaning regularly will ensure your toilet is kept in great condition.
  • The toilet is divided into two sections and may be easily taken apart via the side latches.  Once the latches are opened, the top lifts simply off the bottom.
  • The waste tank is an excellent size (5.3 gallons) which maximises the amount of time needed between emptying.
  • To empty, detach the two units and using the handle, carry the waste tank to an appropriate location.  There is a screw cap on the spout to the waste tank.  Simply remove this to empty the waste.  Freshwater may be poured into the waste tank once empty to flush out.
  • With the freshwater tank only at 2.5 gallons, an eye will need to be kept on this and refilled more often.
  • Both the top and bottom units have a carrying handle.
  • Camco offers a one year, limited warranty for this chemical toilet.


  • It’s always a good idea to keep the lid of the portable toilet closed before sliding the lever to open up the hole to the waste tank.
  • Once finished using the toilet, be sure to lock the sliding lever firmly back in place, especially if on the move.
  • Using the appropriate cleaning chemicals not only helps to keep the camping toilet clean but also assists with keeping the parts lubricated correctly.

Cleaning and care

As the warranty does not cover damage you might do to the portable toilet, it is advisable to use the recommended cleaning products.  Never use rough cleaners, pastes, scourers or acids on any of the toilet or toilet parts, especially the valves and seals.  Using the recommended products also helps to keep all parts properly maintained.





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