Instant Pots: Why having an Instant Pot in an RV is a must

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Last updated on June 15 2020

Instant Pots in an RV

Instant pot cooking in an RV is such a time saver.  We love cooking but sometimes it’s just great to be able to put a great meal on to cook and walk away and leave it.  Instant pots allow us to create a beautiful meal when we have time in the morning (and feel like preparing it).  then, at dinner time, when we are feeling less enthusiastic about cooking after we’ve had a big day, it’s all ready to go.

We have an instant pot in our home as well but here’s why we think instant pots are an essential item in an RV.

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What is an Instant Pot?

Instant Pots are definitely a one size fits all cooking utensil.  It’s the only appliance that can be used as a slow cooker and a pressure cooker, whilst being able to saute onions and other vegetables and brown meats.  It also steams and is great for vegetables.  they also allow for rice to be cooked, without making a mess!

Benefits of an Instant Pot in an RV

  • Space – The instant pot takes up very little room, and actually takes the place of other kitchen gadgets and appliances you might otherwise have in your RV.  Regardless of the size of your vehicle, an Instant Pot can fit in anywhere.
  • Easy to clean – They are easy to clean as well and you can even buy slow cooker liners to keep the inner pot clean.
  • Saves time – Recipes for Instant Pots are usually simple, with only a few ingredients, saving you time in preparation.  Time is definitely saved when cooking as it does it all for you.
  • No heat – The Instant Pot keeps all of the heat whilst it is cooking your meal inside.  There’s no heat from the oven or stove.
  • Rice is cooked fluffy every time.  You can even cook great quinoa in an Instant Pot.
  • Multi-cooker – Being able to cook so many different meals, in so many different ways is a huge benefit to owning an Instant Pot.
  • Safe – with inbuilt safety valves, all the steam and pressure is contained within.
  • Some Instant Pots also allow you to make yoghurt.

You can look for the best Instant Pots herehere.  Once you have one, you’ll wonder why you took so long.

Simple food to cook in your Instant Pot

These are our favourite things to cook in our Instant Pot.

Beef Bourgignon

We love eating this French classic made with secondary cuts of beef, slow-cooked for hours. Add some button mushrooms, French shallots (if you can find them), red wine, onions, carrots and some parsley and thyme.  Throw it all in together with some beef stock and set up your Instant Pot for a long, slow cook.

Pea and Ham Soup

We like to call our pea and ham soup the “Three Pea” soup.    Using split peas, canned peas and frozen peas, we put it all in the Instant Pot, add some onions, a little chicken stock and offcuts of ham.  Put it on to cook slowly and it’s a delicious meal on a cold night.

Lamb shanks

There’s nothing better than a big meaty lamb shank.  Add some passata or fresh tomato sauce, some lentils, beef stock, ketchup, onions, herbs and let it all simmer away.

Curries are also an excellent meal to make in an Instant Pot.


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