Park Model RVs: The Ultimate in High-End Camping

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Last updated on March 2 2020

Park Model RVs – The Ultimate in High-End Camping

By Matt Wald

Camping means different things to different people. Mention camping and most people immediately think of tents.  Others think about RV camping.  But the ultimate in high-end camping are Park Model RVs.

What is a Park Model RV?

Park Model RVs look like a cabin or tiny home. But they are actually a type of recreational vehicle meant to be used for camping, recreational or seasonal occupancy.   Park Model RVs are more luxurious and spacious than any other camping option available in the United States.

Park model RVs are titled as a vehicle in many states. However, these have distinct advantages over other RV types. They have full-size beds, refrigerators and appliances. They can also have housing-grade bathroom fixtures, sinks and toilets.

PMRVs are even designed with porches or decks attached to the unit.  Of course, all these wonderful amenities make them less mobile than a traditional motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel RV. But that’s part of their attraction!

The Lifestyle

The typical RVer falls in love with the freedom and mobility that RV camping provides. The ability to hit the road and explore vast open spaces with all the amenities of home is living the RV camping lifestyle dream.   But after traveling and seeing the sights for a while many RVers tire of life on the road.  They find their special RV getaway place and want to keep coming back to it again and again.

Park Model RVs allow those campers to put down some roots, spread out a little and surround themselves with comfort while still having all the fun that the RV camping lifestyle has to offer.  The ways in which Park Model RVs can be utilized is virtually limitless. Most Park Model RV owners locate their unit in an RV campground within several hours drive from home and use it as a weekend getaway and vacation place.

Other campers use Park Model RVs as a seasonal getaway place. They are very popular with ‘snowbirds’ – Park Model RVers will spend the winter season at their unit that is parked in a warm climate RV campground.

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Introduction to the Camping and RV Lifestyle

In addition to giving experienced RVers the ability to buy an affordable getaway place, Park Model RVs are playing an increasingly important role in introducing families to the camping and RV lifestyle in the first place.   Many RV campgrounds now offer Park Model RV rentals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. KOA, for example, calls them Camping Cabins.  This provides Americans and tourists in the US who don’t have a motorhome, RV tow vehicle or even a tent with the ability to spend some quality time in a campground.   As we all know, anyone who spends time in a campground is bound to fall in love with the camping lifestyle!

Ultimate High-End Camping is Affordable

The best part of these vacation seasonal Park Mode RVs is that they are affordable.   These movable resort units designed for part-time recreational use sleep up to 10 and typically cost anywhere from $25,000 USD to $80,000 USD.  Renting a Park Model RV in a campground can cost as little as renting an RV site and hookup in the same campground!

A great camping experience

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury camping experience, then check out Park Model RVs.

For more information about seasonal camping and PMRVs, you can visit the Park Model section of the Go RVing website

About the Author

Matt Wald runs the affordable luxury travel website .  Matt’s depth of knowledge about camping and the RV industry comes from his former role as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for the RV Industry Association, a trade group that represents the RV industry in the United States.

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