The top 11 reasons why you should buy a portable camping toilet

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Last updated on June 29 2021

The top 11 reasons why you should buy a portable camping toilet

Buying a portable camping toilet is a must if you are into camping or road trips. Today’s portable toilets are so modern, easy to use and affordable that it makes sense to have one with you.

1. Convenience – Traveling on road trips can mean that you are in areas where there is no access to toilet facilities.  Having a portable travel toilet on board takes the worry out of trying to find a toilet, especially if you need to find one quickly. This is especially important when traveling with small children.

2. Be a responsible traveler – camping and staying outdoors is such a popular thing to do all over the world but it can often draw the wrong attention.  Having a portable toilet with you means you are fully self-contained and you can show people your toilet if they ever ask!

Take a look at this example of a “freedom camper” as they are called in New Zealand creating a very bad impression.  This type of behaviour impacts on the whole community of people who love to camp or drive their RVs and campers and it really isn’t acceptable or necessary. 

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3. Usable in all weather conditions and during the night.  – Who wants to have to get up in the dark, look for the toilet paper and head over to the public facilities?  Add in some rain, freezing temperatures or even snow and there’s no way I would be even entertaining the idea.  But, if you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, right?  With a camping toilet, the issue is solved!

4. Choice – there are so many different portable toilets on the market now that you can choose one to suit your own situation.  Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple or with a family, there are many toilets that have large capacity tanks for example.  Portable toilets also come in a range of sizes, meaning you can find the right one for a small car, an RV, or even a boat.  There are also battery operated camping toilets and manual flush units too.

5. They are affordable.  Portable camping toilets aren’t expensive, especially considering the convenience they provide.

6. They are easy to transport and easy to keep clean.  Modern camping toilets are streamlined and include great seals that keep their contents locked away and minimise odors.  

7. Public toilets can be plain disgusting.  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve refused to go to a public toilet because of the unclean state.  Environmental toilets can also test my stomach.  Having our own personal toilet that is clean is my preference any day.

8. No need to wait for others – in large campgrounds, the line up to use the facilities in the morning can be horrendous.  Having your own toilet means avoiding these queues and on the day of your departure, making a speedy getaway.

9. You are prepared for the off-season – in many areas, especially the more remote locations, public facilities are only open during the peak holiday season.  Oftentimes, outside of these periods, the restrooms are locked.

10. Multi-purpose – whilst possibly not the main reason for buying a camping toilet, there are additional benefits.  A portable toilet can be used at home for medical reasons, toilet training or even in the event of extreme weather conditions where the power and water might be affected.

11. Great for fussy campers – how often have you tried to get a family member or friend along on a camping trip only to be met with looks of horror.   “You want me to sleep where?” or “I have to go the toilet behind a tree”? are quite common statements.  With a portable camping toilet, you can allay all their fears and encourage them to come with you.

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Camping or road tripping is a fantastic way to explore your own area and country and for many families, it is an inexpensive way of having a vacation.  Buying a camping toilet and having it with you, can make all the difference to a good outdoor adventure.

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Author: Carrie